Exterior Painting for a Recycling Center: A Much-Needed Transformation

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

As you may recall, we recently shared a reminder that our exterior painting season is winding down in the northern states. One of the benefits of being a nationwide commercial painting company, however, is that we can still stay fully active in the southern portion of the country, painting outdoors right through the winter. Our locations in Dallas and Houston specifically are as busy as ever!

We recently completed a full exterior repaint of a recycling center, including block siding that was left fully exposed. 

Pro Tip:

Brick and CMU siding may be durable and low-maintenance, but that never means maintenance-free. If left uncared for, you open the door to moisture intrusion, decay, pests, and a serious loss of efficiency. 

Exterior Commercial Painting: Adding Protection and Value

This project carried several unique considerations: multiple types of surfaces to paint, challenging access, and general safety. We have over 40 years of industry experience to draw from, and specialize in finding creative solutions to any project that’s entrusted to us. 

In this case, here’s a closer look at the scope of our work, and then we’ll dig into the process:

  • Exterior wall painting
  • Metal and concrete walls
  • Overhead doors
  • Man doors
  • All the work needed to be done off lifts and ladders

Here are the steps we took:

  • Power washed walls prior to painting, helping to remove any immediate surface debris and buildup
  • Scraped any remaining, peeling paint, paving the way for secure adhesion of the new primer and paint
  • Primed rusted metal on building with epoxy mastic primer
  • Primed unpainted block with masonry primer (this adds that crucial surface protection we mentioned above)
  • Coated walls with Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec Satin
  • Painted both the man and overhead doors and railings with 2 coats of Industrial Urethane

The Ultra Spec Satin is a perfect product for this, providing exceptional film strength and durability, mildew-resistance, and stands up well against fading. 

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