Grain Bin Painting In Roanoke, IL

Friday, September 19, 2014

Fresh and ready for years of service!
Fresh and ready for years of service!

Time and the elements can get the best of us all, adding a little wear and tear around the edges.

In the case of 16 metal grain bins that we were asked to paint in Roanoke, IL, the elements had added more than just a “little wear and tear.” The surface was chalking badly, which not only is a problem aesthetically speaking, but also can eventually cause larger issues down the road when ignored. This is especially problematic when your buildings are used to store commodities like grain!

Keeping your facility strong and sound on the outside will help to protect and preserve what’s on the inside.

Our Industrial Painting Process

This particular process involved the following steps:

  • Power wash - We used our 6000 PSI power washing unit to clean the surface of the grain bins, removing dirt, oil, grease, and anything else that would get in the way of the coatings to come.
  • Power tool cleaning - This removed pack rust, surface rust, and the old, weathered paint.

  • Epoxy coating - As a base-layer of protection, we used Sherwin Williams Macropoxy.

  • Urethane - For the topcoat, we used One Coat Sherwin Williams White Acrolon Urethane.

Unless you are familiar with the industry, the word “bin” might make you think of a container about the size of a laundry hamper. In reality, these grain bins are quite large! In fact, to finish this project we needed to use a combination of aerial lifts and swing stages.

We also painted the conveyor belts that connected the bins with two coats of SPI Rust Grip. This portion of the project, along with the grain bin painting, is covered by our industry-leading 10-year warranty. We are proud to stand by our work!