How Are Your Tanks and Silos Looking After Another Harsh Winter?

Friday, March 22, 2019

Painters USA: Ethanol Tank Painting

Springtime is maintenance time! There’s no doubt about it. And, if you need a few tips, ideas, and insights to help you sharpen your exterior maintenance strategy, we’d invite you to click over to an article what we wrote a couple of weeks ago: What’s In Your Exterior Maintenance Plan?

Today, let’s dial it in a bit and take a look at a few surfaces that tend to be hit particularly hard by inclement weather.

Tank Painting and Maintenance

Whether your tanks are brand new or have been in service for decades, the key to minimizing damage and decay is to keep a strong exterior paint or coating in place. As a certified industrial painting contractor, we can help with this process, complying with codes and regulations stipulated by the USDA, FDA, NSF, and more.

This process can include:

  • A thorough inspection by our NACE-certified coating inspectors, allowing us to identify the ideal system and performance requirements to protect your investments.
  • Rust removal, scraping, power washing, and sandblasting.
  • The application of very specific paint and primers to address your environmental conditions and performance needs.

It’s never a one-size-fits-all process. We tailor it to YOUR needs and budget.

Silo Painting and Maintenance

Much like storage tanks, we know that silos are an essential part of your product storage system. And, we also know that it’s of paramount importance that your commodities and products are fully protected, 24/7. This starts with routine, targeted maintenance, ensuring that your coatings are working at maximum performance.

Our crews can safely paint silos of any height or dimension, and we have the flexibility to adapt to your scheduling parameters as well. These services also include:

  • Using zero or low-VOC paints
  • Adapting to sensitive environments and conditions
  • Lead paint abatement
  • Rust encapsulation
  • Corrosion protection (with a warranty of up to 10 years!)

We also know that timelines and your operational schedule are a top priority, especially in industries like yours. Our Painters USA team is large and flexible, meaning that we can adapt to your needs (weekends, holidays, scheduled shutdowns, nights, and more).

Let’s Talk Industrial Painting and Maintenance!

Let’s get your plan in place before our spring and summer schedule fills. We’re ready when you are!