Industrial Cleaning Maintenance Programs: Add a Little Sparkle To Your Spring!

Friday, February 22, 2019

Ready for some spring cleaning, on an industrial scale?

We talk a lot here at Painters USA about the importance of ongoing maintenance, and taking a proactive rather than reactive approach to caring for your facility. If you wait until a problem can no longer be avoided, the expense of remediation is typically much higher than if you had corrected the problem at the outset. Or, in many cases, you may have avoided it altogether.

This isn’t just true for industrial and commercial painting, or even flooring, but also for industrial cleaning. Our K CLean USA division takes spring cleaning to a whole new level, offering you and your property a few key advantages.

Industrial Cleaning Services Tailored To Your Industry and Needs

Just like when we build a painting maintenance plan, we start by discussing your specific needs, industry, and scheduling parameters. We want to work in a way that takes your operations into consideration, and are proud of the flexibility that our team provides when it comes to working nights, weekends, holidays, and during scheduled plant shutdowns.

In fact, for a full list of the benefits of partnering with K Clean USA, be sure to take a closer look here!

We also have deep industry experience, working with a wide variety of facilities nationwide. These include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical plants
  • Ethanol plants
  • Water & waste treatment plants
  • Agricultural enterprises... and many, many more!

Industrial cleaning in food processing facilities is especially important, as you have strict guidelines and codes to adhere to. We can help, putting our familiarity with industry regulations to work for you.

Contact Our Team Today To Build Your Strategy

Let’s get started! It would be our pleasure to serve you, helping you to more effectively and efficiently clean and care for your investments.

And, be sure to review our complete list of services here!