Industrial Cleaning, Painting, and Epoxy Floor Installation in a 100-Year-Old Manufacturing Facility

Monday, March 06, 2017

We all know what can happen if you let your basement go a few years without cleaning and reorganizing.

Now picture what can build up in a space over 100 years of manufacturing work!

Our client, a world leader in highly-engineered engine components, has trusted various facility maintenance tasks to our Painters USA team for many years now. We’re proud to be considered their go-to contractor.

When they contacted us to manage a repaint and epoxy floor installation, we were thrilled to help them update this aspect of their facility. Rolling up our sleeves, we got ready to deliver a century’s worth of improvements in a short amount of time.

Our Epoxy Floor Installation Process

This was a particularly exciting part of the project. Flooring options and quality have come so far, and we knew that a cutting-edge epoxy floor system would be a huge asset in a manufacturing facility like this one.

Our steps included the following:

  • Mechanically grinding the floor to open the pores of the existing concrete. This provides a more receptive surface for the epoxy coating to grip onto
  • Degreased specific areas as necessary with an industrial degreaser
  • Applied one coat of oil-resistant epoxy primer sealer over the whole surface
  • We included an anti-slip aggregate into the wet epoxy and backrolled after application to thoroughly encapsulate the material
  • On the sections of diamond plate, we washed the surface well with a degreaser and applied two coats of Amine Adduct epoxy, matching the color and sheen of the solids epoxy we used on the concrete

Industrial Cleaning and Coating of 100-Year-Old Surfaces

Every great painting project starts with a thorough cleaning.

In this case, we blew down the ceiling and walls with compressed air, dislodging loose dust and particles. We then scraped all the surfaces by hand, ensuring that any peeling paint was completely removed.

After masking the sprinkler heads, lights, bus boxes, floors, and more, we applied two coats of pre-catalyzed epoxy to the ceilings and walls. Low maintenance and high durability!

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