Industrial Concrete Solutions – Machine Foundations and Bases for Heavy Equipment in Illinois

Thursday, January 05, 2017

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Working with concrete is certainly a specialty of ours. To see what we mean, be sure to explore Redimere Surface Solutions, the latest branch of our family of services.

This particular concrete application involved creating a foundation for a 1,650 ton plastic injection molding press. Needless to say, there were numerous special considerations involved.

Let’s take a look!

Pouring a Concrete Base for Heavy Industrial Machinery

These were a few of the key aspects of the process:

  • The 22’ x 10.5’ x 2.5’ deep foundation needed to be slightly sloped toward an integral oil collection trench.
  • Using preformed foam molds, we accommodated 22 blockouts for drop-in anchor bolts.
  • To avoid thermal cracking, we had to carefully maintain the proper temperature differential between the internal and external concrete. We used thermocouples during the initial curing process, and also used a custom concrete mix design that helped slow the setting time.
  • Two thicknesses of insulation blankets were placed over the fresh concrete to assist with temperature regulation.
  • As a final step, we grouted the press on the main support channels, and at those 22 block-out anchor locations that we mentioned above.

Perhaps best of all, this involved project was completed while the facility was in operation, avoiding any interruption to their production.

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