Industrial Exterior Painting: Protect Your Surfaces This Summer!

Friday, April 19, 2019

For many of our industrial clients, spring and summer offer a limited window for making sure that their exterior paint and coatings are performing as they should be. And, far beyond just providing a fresh look, these coatings are specifically engineered systems that offer a first line of defense for your investments. Corrosion especially can take a catastrophic toll on your property, containment systems, equipment, and commodities, making routine inspections and maintenance a cost-saving necessity.

Our Painters USA team is here to help, and we do that in several specific ways.  

NACE-Certified Coating Specialists

We don’t just see a surface and apply a coating.

Our NACE-certified coating specialists will ensure that every inch of your surfaces receive just the right coating for your performance requirements, at just the right thickness, and that the finished product will last just as long as possible. This requires specialized training, understanding of the science behind our applications, and a rigorous certification process. We made the investment for you, and our clients are certainly glad we have. Learn more here!

Strong Foundations: Industrial Surface Preparation for the Best Results

80% of a paint or coating’s performance hinges on the level of prep the surface received. Not many people realize that, but it’s a benchmark of our process philosophy.

This can include:

  • Cutting-edge blasting techniques
  • Industrial cleaning, including power washing, hand tooling, and more
  • Surface repairs
  • Priming bare metal
  • Close collaboration with our NACE-certified specialists, and our network of vendors as well

Project Containment for Your Industrial Painting or Coating Project

We are committed to minimally impacting your operations and schedule.

This includes working nights, holidays, weekends, and during scheduled shutdowns. And, we also are experts at project containment, allowing us to work right alongside you in many cases.

While doing exterior work, we know that the risk of overspray is a major consideration. We have the right techniques, equipment, and products to contain this risk in every sense so that we can keep doing our job while you keep doing yours. We’ll work closely with you as well, walking through every consideration and our detailed plan for project execution.

Let’s Discuss Your Exterior Industrial Painting Needs

It all starts with a conversation, and we would love to have one with you. Contact our team today to begin discussing your specific exterior painting and coating needs, and how we can serve you in an efficient, effective way.