Installing an Anti-Slip Epoxy Floor System in Illinois

Friday, January 05, 2018

Here at Painters USA (and Redimere Surface Solutions), we often talk about the importance of investing in a floor system that truly performs as you need it to. This may mean that it has the durability to withstand impact, massive foot traffic, the rumble of machinery, thermal shock, or meet FDA guidelines. You can fill in that blank.

These attributes are all important, essential even, but here’s another equally crucial consideration: safety.

Don’t Slip’n Slide - Invest in Anti-Slip Flooring

Winter is in full swing, and this means that employees and visitors are tracking in massive amounts of unavoidable snow and slush. Not only is this messy, but it all creates a slick, extremely hazardous work environment. The best way to minimize the risk of injury is to have our industrial flooring professionals install a durable, aesthetically-pleasing epoxy floor with anti-slip properties.

Anti-slip flooring is ideal for shipping and receiving areas of distribution centers or manufacturing plants, or for car dealerships that accumulate moisture as cars drive in and out. But, the reality is, nearly any facility will benefit from this flooring upgrade. It protects you, your team, and your guests from avoidable injuries.

Avoid Aggravation with Aggregate!

Let’s take a closer look at the process of installing an epoxy floor with aggregate (the anti-slip ingredient that will make your floor system a haven for traction).

In this case, we broadcasted the aggregate into the wet floor coating, then sealed it in with a clear coat epoxy:

  • First, we removed the existing vinyl tile
  • Next, we crack-chased and repaired contraction joints
  • Using our diamond grinder, we opened the concrete’s pores to guarantee proper epoxy adhesion
  • Applied tinted (color-matched) epoxy base coat
  • Applied a full aggregate broadcast for maximum slip resistance
  • Finally, we applied a topcoat of clear, 100% solids epoxy

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