Interior Commercial Painting & Epoxy Flooring for a Dog Day Care Center in Chicago

Friday, January 20, 2017

Paws and take a moment to enjoy this transformation!

This project practically sits and begs for doggie puns and plays-on-words... But we’re not going to claw for your attention like that. Nope. We’ll just get right to the story of the project.

After a long online search for a reputable painting contractor, our client fetched our attention and contracted us to meet a few key maintenance needs in their Chicago facility.

While the ceiling deck and walls needed paint, the real focus was the treatment of the concrete flooring. As you can imagine, a doggy day care center will put any floor through the wringer (claws are ruff!). Something attractive, low-maintenance, sanitary, and extremely durable was necessary, and we had just the system in mind.

Installing a High-Builds Epoxy Floor System

Similar to painting, a successful floor system installation begins with thorough preparation techniques. It’s important that the pores of the floor are open and receptive to the epoxy application, ensuring secure adhesion.

These initial prep steps included diamond grinding and sanding the concrete. Be sure to check out how the epoxy looks in the photos above!

Cleaning and Painting the Ceiling and Walls

What steps did painting the ceiling include?

  • We covered the floors with plastic, containing the space
  • Blew down and cleaned the ceiling, removing loose contaminants
  • Sprayed the ceiling and duct work with Acrylic Black Dry Fall paint
  • We carefully disposed of all the plastic

How about the walls?

  • Remember how we mentioned the importance of prep? Painting the walls started with sanding and wiping down the surfaces
  • We primed over the existing drawings, ensuring that the lines wouldn’t bleed through the new paint over time
  • We then painted the walls with a latex eggshell

We appreciate the op-paw-tunity to put our expertise to work!

Yikes. That’s our last pun, we promise.

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