Interior Structural Steel Painting for a Chemical Manufacturer in Chicago

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

We often say that one of the key reasons why our clients choose to work with us is the fact that we offer both extensive experience and credentials. And, both are invaluable in the industrial painting, coating, and flooring industry.

In this case, a long-time customer of ours contracted us to coat a new steel structure that was recently added to their chemical manufacturing facility. The harsh nature of the environment takes a tremendous toll on exposed surfaces, so our mission was to find a coating solution that could provide the necessary level of protection.

One of our experienced estimators closely collaborated with our client to determine the very best option. We’ll share more details about that below!

The Value of Working with a TWIC-Certified Industrial Painter

As we mentioned above, we put a huge emphasis on carrying the credentials and certifications needed to ensure that we can meet our clients’ needs in a wide variety of environments.

In this case, we were required to hold TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) certifications for our crews, allowing us to work around the nation’s waterways. To earn this credential, stringent background checks are completed on our employees, performed by the Transportation Security Administration.

Preparing and Coating the New Steel Structure

Working only after 5:00 PM on weekdays (as requested), and with a TWIC foreman always on site, we completed the following steps:

  • Using solvents, we wiped the surfaces clean prior to painting
  • We then applied 2 coats of Devthane 359 urethane in safety colors (yellow, green, blue, and red)

This product is a high-build, high-performance gloss urethane that offers a chemical-resistant finish. We know it will serve this structure well!

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