Line Striping Aisles in Illinois: Adding Organization and Efficiency!

Friday, October 26, 2018

We’re all about safety, efficiency, and high-quality coatings, so when a project involves all three of those things, well, we get excited.

In this case, our Illinois client asked us to help organize their work space by installing durable aisleways and pedestrian walkways. This helps facilitate a safer work space, like lanes directing traffic through a busy intersection, and it also delivers another essential by-product: efficiency. After all, clear direction keeps traffic flowing more quickly, safely, and with fewer roadblocks.

We have been providing these types of services for decades, so this project was right in our wheelhouse.

How Do You Apply Line Striping?

Here’s a closer look at our process:

  • It all starts with prep! In this case, we used a diamond grinder to prepare the surface for maximum adhesion. Opening the pores of the concrete allows the floor system to really grip.
  • All the lines were carefully taped and marked out to create crisp, clean edges.
  • We selected a high-solids Macropoxy 646 Fast Cure Epoxy for this application. It’s a high-build, fast-drying, polyamide epoxy designed specifically to protect steel and concrete in hard-working industrial environments.
  • We applied one coat of Rexthane Urethane topcoat as well.

Are You Seeking ISO 9001, 6 Sigma, or Lean Manufacturing Certification?

If you are going through (or have been through) the certification process for ISO 9001, 6 Sigma, or Lean Manufacturing, then you're probably already aware that a big component includes having proper identifiers for equipment, inventory, raw materials, and foot/forklift traffic.

We can help with this, offering both familiarity with your certification process as well as the best products, procedures, and systems for your space. Let’s pick the perfect floor to meet your daily needs and the requirements for future audits.

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