Line Striping: Checking Floor Markings to Streamline Work

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Line striping, floor marking, and bin marking have many benefits in your industrial facility or manufacturing site. They protect people from injury and prevent project damage. When planning your industrial painting projects, including line striping and other safety markings is essential for compliance and productivity.

Proper marking keeps things moving throughout your facility, leading to fewer backlogs and delays. Neglecting line striping can become a costly headache, so it’s best to do proper due diligence. Here are some things to double check.

Current Industry Standards

If there’s one constant about industry standards and safety requirements, it’s that they change, and those changes can create risk and liability, especially if you have regular building inspections. Painters USA can apply line striping according to rigorous standards, including:

  • OSHA: While there is flexibility on some OSHA requirements, there are some color requirements for floor markings. For example, “red or yellow floor markings need to be used when there are physical hazards that are being identified. Red will indicate that the hazard is fire related, and yellow will indicate a hazard that could be tripped over, caught between, or struck against.” In addition, when marking aisles and passageways, “at least 2’’ wide so they are visible. They recommend the markings are between 2’’ and 6’’ based on the environment and what would maximize visibility.” (Source: Creative Safety Supply).
  • Lean Manufacturing/Six Sigma: The goal of the lean manufacturing approach is simplicity and directness. Anyone in your manufacturing facility should be able to identify where to walk, where not to walk, and which areas are designated for hazards within a minute or two of entering your facility. If your requirements aren’t exact, we can help you select clear colors and definitive markings for flooring, containers, and bins that get the message across.

No matter how specific and technical your safety markings requirements are, we can match colors exactly and execute markings with precision. Together, we can plan for success ahead of annual building inspections and after any safety standards updates.

Condition of Existing Markings

Existing floor markings can become faded or scratched by constant movement of heavy equipment, forklifts and other machinery, as well as foot traffic throughout your facility.

If some of your safety areas are delineated with cones or tape rather than being painted on the floor and sealed with a protective coating or primer, there is additional risk. When floor markings aren’t done with something more permanent, your markings will become less apparent over time. Someone new to your facility may not be able to clearly distinguish their meaning or direction, leading to accidents or product damage.

Changes Since Location or Expansion

If you’ve added a new location or have recently completed an expansion of your warehouse, factory, or industrial facility, consistency is key. 

Any coloring for line striping, bin marking, floor marking, or other safety markings should be identical throughout your facility. Any wayfinding, walkway designation, or hazardous materials storage should be equally vibrant and visible, whether it’s in a brand new facility or your original space.

Painters USA offers thorough safety markings application as part of our comprehensive industrial painting and flooring services. Commit to the highest standard of facility safety year after year. Call Painters USA for your line striping estimate today.