Machine Cleaning and Painting on a Large Scale

Friday, March 29, 2019

We’ve been dedicating a good number of our recent articles to a key springtime topic: industrial cleaning, painting, and facility maintenance.

If this hits close to home for you, make sure you peruse these resources when you have a moment:

And this isn’t just important for your exterior surfaces, either. Spring offers a prime opportunity for interior cleaning and painting as well, including your machinery.

How about an example? Take a quick trip with us to Chicago!

Cleaning and Painting Over 50 Machines in a Chicago Manufacturing Facility

We were contracted to clean over 50 machines for this Chicago-area facility, and in order to minimally impact their operations we developed a strategy to paint one at a time. Each machine was moved to a fully-enclosed workspace that we set up to contain our work, using floor-to-ceiling plastic sheathing. We also used electric fans to reduce odors and keep the air circulating as we worked.

Our process included:

  1. Deep cleaning of the surfaces, by hand in many cases, using a combination of dusting and degreasing.
  2. We then lightly sanded to create the right profile before coating.
  3. Masked all components that were not to be painted.
  4. Applied 1-2 coats of JC Inviropoxy Perfection with an electrostatic sprayer.
  5. We then removed all masking, and cleaned up our workspace.

We also kept a careful record of our work, presented to the client in spreadsheet format, signed off by our foreman and a designated client representative. This assured that the work met all of our standards.

How Can We Meet Your Industrial Painting and Coating Needs?

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