OSHA Color Coding of Rooftop Piping in Dallas/Ft. Worth

Saturday, November 11, 2017

When it comes to industrial painting, the paint and coatings you choose have an importance that rises far above just aesthetic appeal. Appearance is important, of course, but we know that your surfaces need to truly perform.

Sometimes this performance goes beyond longevity or specialized environmental conditions and exposure, and connects to your compliance with regulations. This is where our skill, experience, and knowledge really come into play: we understand your painting and coating needs from every perspective.

As an example, let’s take a closer look at how we helped this frozen food company achieve OSHA compliance.

Achieving OSHA Compliance with the Right Industrial Paint

Our client, a global food company, needed assistance with painting their refrigerated piping. OSHA requires a specific color coding to indicate what each pipe contains for quick, universal identification.

In this case, the piping was used for liquid ammonia, gas ammonia, air, natural gas, and also included pressure release valve pipes.

The industrial insulative pipe coatings we use are designed to perform in two ways: keep heat or cold in the piping, and/or keep heat or cold from entering the piping. We closely collaborated with our client to ensure that we met their exact specifications (and OSHA requirements).

A few of the tight spaces we needed to navigate were a challenge, but our experienced team was able to handle it without any issues at all.

Our Industrial Pipe Painting Process

So, how do you prepare and paint (with a 3-coat system) approximately 5300 linear feet of rooftop piping? Our steps included the following:

  1. Power wash at 3000 PSI
  2. Light hand-grinding of all pipes (except ammonia pipes), per SSPC SP1, SP2, SP3
  3. Apply (1) coat of corrosion inhibitive primer to bare and exposed substrates
  4. Apply (2) coats of single component moisture cured urethane top coat on exterior piping
  5. We used a roller for application, not a sprayer

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