Our Industrial Cleaning Division Can Make Your Facility Shine This Winter

Friday, October 27, 2017

If you follow our blog, you know that we just recently covered the value of planning ahead for your winter shutdown maintenance goals. Whether you have a painting or flooring project in mind, it pays off to plan your strategy (and timing) in advance.

As important as painting and flooring services are, there’s another maintenance component that is just as crucial. Because it’s a little easier to overlook, however, it sometimes gets knocked dangerously low on the priority list.

We’re talking, of course, about industrial cleaning.

Planning for Your Industrial Cleaning Needs

Our industrial cleaning services are designed to be utilized either in conjunction with our painting and flooring services, or just by themselves. Whichever direction you choose, our K-Clean USA experts can bring your facility back to looking like new, while also providing invaluable health and safety benefits.

After all, a clean environment is always a safer, brighter, and more efficient environment.

Your scheduled shutdown period (including over the holidays!) are a perfect time for our sizable crews to degrease your machinery, clean your warehouse or factory ceilings, scrub your floors, etc... When your employees return, their workplace will be fresh and nearly unrecognizable.

Our K-Clean team can also help you achieve your 6S, ISO 9001, or Lean Manufacturing certification by completing a deep clean of your facility, or even by installing line striping, bin markings, and pedestrian walkways.

Our Most Popular Industrial Cleaning Services

What does your cleaning forecast include?

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