Our Industrial Cleaning Services Will Make Your Facility Shine

Friday, August 25, 2017

The majority of our featured projects are related to painting and flooring, showcasing all that Painters USA and Redimere Surface Solutions offers. From concrete pads to decorative applications, industrial tank painting to roof repairs, our talented teams can meet all of your diverse industrial and commercial maintenance needs.

Today, let’s take a closer look at the last member of our family of services: K-Clean USA.

After all, the time of year is coming when you have a golden opportunity to roll up your sleeves and deep clean elements of your facility that need it. Well, technically, we’d be the ones rolling up our sleeves!

What’s On Your Industrial Cleaning To-Do List This Winter?

Here are a few of our popular, valuable services:

Beyond just looking fantastic, industrial cleaning offers a real opportunity to add to the overall health, safety, and efficiency of your property. Clean ceilings, for example, reflect light rather than absorb it, creating a brighter and more energy efficient environment.

As another example, machinery and equipment that is cleaned and degreased typically lasts longer, will operate better, and routine maintenance and repairs are made much, much easier.

Schedule Your Industrial Cleaning Project Today!

Our fall and winter calendar are already beginning to fill - we encourage you to reach out now to make sure that we can accommodate your needs. If you have a scheduled plant shutdown, starting the communication and coordination process now becomes especially important.

And remember, we’ll come to you wherever you are! Each of our locations (Chicago, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, and Danville, IL) is fully-equipped with everything needed to get the job done efficiently and safely.

We look forward to serving you!