Painters USA Receives the Spark Award for Safety

Thursday, March 23, 2017

If you know our Painters USA family, you know that the one thing we emphasize as much as quality is safety. Protecting our clients, your property, and our team is an absolutely essential part of what we do as experts in a potentially hazardous industry.

Going beyond checking off the proverbial boxes, we have taken really unparalleled steps toward ensuring that our entire staff is working in unison on this shared priority. Everyone has a role, responsibility, and investment in our culture of safety.

This effort has led us to exciting places, outlined in a couple of articles in particular:

Most recently, we received the Spark Award for Safety, and we couldn’t be happier.

A Word from Darren, Safety Director Here at Painters USA

Darren perfectly articulates what this award means to all of us in the excerpt from his speech below. He shared these words in front of an audience of over 200 that included owners and upper management from some of the largest companies in the Northern Illinois area, as well as the Mayor of Batavia, two Illinois State Senators, and Congressman Jim Oberweiss:

“If asked to define in one word what we are about, what would that word be? As I thought more and more about this, one word kept coming to mind: caring.

Or, more importantly, having the Courage to Care.

Each of us in this room have a different job, a different reason and different path we are on to achieve our professional and company goals. For Meg and Paul, it might be to leave a legacy, to build something that endures. For the management team, it might be to help others grow, to mentor and bring out the best each person has to offer to the team. For me, it is bringing every employee home to their families safely each day.

No matter what job we have to do, we show up, we team up, and we own it; through constant change we persevere and together we share a collective goal. Together we set a vision, together we set values that define us, together we created a mission statement of how we want to be perceived by our employees, customers and vendor, and together we set out to achieve them.  But most importantly together we see it through; we have the courage to commit to doing what we say we are going to do every time, and this Spark Award tonight recognizes that courage to care in each of us.

In this life, nothing can be taken for granted and nothing worth doing comes easily. Sometimes we have to pick each other up, dust ourselves off, and lead on.  We have to watch each other’s back because at the end of the day nothing is more important than getting home safely. We are nowhere near as strong alone as we are together. Passion, values, teamwork, and most importantly the courage to care are what make us great.”


Why Share This Award with You?

We are always looking for ways to offer a window into not just the services we offer here at Painters USA, but who we really are. After all, our clients need more than a company to meet their needs, but a trustworthy partner whose priorities are in line with their own.

A huge thank-you to our team for their effort and dedication, and a special thanks to you as well for your ongoing trust and support.