Polished Concrete Floor: Don’t Let Your Floor Hurt Your Inspection

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

polished concrete

When you have any kind of building that needs to go under inspection, you have just one goal in mind: to pass. Failing an inspection can set you back in a significant way, so you want to do everything you can in advance to ensure smooth sailing through the evaluation. The floor might not be the first thing you think of when getting ready for an inspection, but you’ll need to make sure things are in place here as well. Without the right industrial flooring solutions, you could have trouble getting through an inspection even if everything else is under control.

Covering the Basics

If you are going to get a passing grade on your inspection, your industrial flooring must cover the basics first and foremost. For starters, the inspector is not going to want to see cracks running through the floor. This is a pretty obvious point, but it is important nonetheless. You’ll also need to pass the moisture testing that comes along with a concrete floor inspection. There are a variety of problems which can contribute to moisture issues, so avoiding mistakes during the installation process will go a long way toward your short- and long-term success with this project.

Present a Clean Surface

One of the big selling points of polished concrete is the easy cleaning process it offers. Cleaning up your polished concrete surface is a breeze in most cases, so you’ll be able to save time and money on cleaning over the life of the floor. As far as an inspection goes, you will be able to present a beautifully clean surface to the inspector on the big day. The small details matter in this type of situation, so don’t overlook the importance of cleanliness.

A Safe Flooring Option

When it comes to presenting a safe surface for employees to walk and work on, polished concrete is an excellent option. It is slip resistant, helping those on the job to keep their footing all day long. A slippery work surface could create a dangerous environment and could be an issue on an inspection. This shouldn’t be a problem when you opt for polished concrete.

Avoid Trouble

Polished concrete flooring allows you to avoid the common problems of other flooring options. Polished concrete is known as a low-maintenance, reliable flooring option for a reason. While other flooring options certainly have their place in the right setting, polished concrete is something that works well in many different situations. If you are looking for something that will both pass an inspection and serve you well for years to come, polished concrete is a pretty easy pick. If you do decide that a polished concrete floor is the right way to go, Painters USA would be happy to handle the job. As an industrial floor polisher, you can find us serving four great locations in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Danville, and Chicago. We have a great reputation for delivering first-class service. Feel free to contact us right away to get started. We look forward to working with you!

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