Power Trowel:  5 Factors That Impact Your Concrete Flooring Project

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

 how concrete contractors see your space
how concrete contractors see your space

If you are considering a concrete flooring project for your commercial building or industrial facility, you’ve likely learned the benefits of polished concrete.

But you have a lot of options when it comes to concrete floor repair contractors. It’s important to understand what they consider when they suggest a project plan and offer you a project estimate. 

Here are some things our flooring experts consider when speaking with commercial and industrial flooring clients.

Your Budget and Timeline

Of course, cost and timeline are critical to determining the manpower, equipment, and processes needed to complete your flooring project. 

If you need significant resurfacing or have a scheduled shutdown that would be an ideal time for facility project, be sure to let your prospective flooring contractor know so they can check availability.

The Existing Condition of Your Flooring

If your concrete flooring has some existing imperfections and uneven spots, it can likely be corrected with concrete polishing. The surface of the floor will be cut and ground down by the power trowel to even it out

Your concrete floor repair contractor will consider the extent to which your existing flooring may be damaged by scratches, uneven surfaces, or moisture intrusion. This assessment will determine how effective power troweling will be, and which other flooring projects may need to be undertaken to fully restore the floor.

The Demands of Your Space

The purpose and demands of the space where you’re considering concrete polishing plays a role in how floors are treated, coated, and cleaned.

Your flooring contractors can talk you through how slip-, moisture-, or scratch-resistant your flooring needs to be to sustain the movement of product, equipment, and people throughout your workspace.

The Size of Your Facility

If you have a large, open space, power troweling is a highly efficient way to smooth and polish your concrete office, warehouse, or factory flooring. 

The size of your facility determines the length and scope of your project and impacts the budgeting and scheduling of your flooring services.

It’s worth noting that hiring someone with power trowel expertise and specialized equipment is essential to protecting the integrity of your concrete floors. 

At Painters USA, our teams aren’t intimidated by big projects, and there’s no need to put your work on hold. We can power trowel up to 10,000 square feet of concrete flooring in a single shift. And we will work with your schedule so as not to interrupt production or compromise product manufacturing and delivery.

Other Flooring and Facility Needs

Floor polishing is only one piece to the puzzle. Keeping your floors cleaned and well-maintained is key to longer-lasting flooring. Experienced flooring contractors recommend supplemental services to keep your floors, and the rest of your work site, up and running. 

There’s no need to call one contractor for power troweling, another for floor cleaning, and another for painting or coating floors, walls, and equipment. Painters USA can be your one-stop shop for essential facility maintenance. 

If you’re ready to give new life to your concrete flooring with a professional-grade polishing, contact us for your power trowel estimate today.