Power Trowel: Avoid Time-Consuming Concrete Flooring Projects

Thursday, December 26, 2019

 reduce concrete polishing time
reduce concrete polishing time

You oversee maintenance and facility management in a commercial or industrial setting. You know that without a durable floor, you run the risk of more slips and falls as people move through your worksite. And while greater liability is clearly a threat, it's not the only problem you could have from neglected or damaged concrete flooring

Movement of product and equipment over time can wear down your flooring. Dust can rise to the top of the flooring if flooring is not properly sealed. And moisture intrusion can further damage the floor by seeping in through even the smallest cracks. 

If you've noticed staining, dust settling, or uneven spots, it's time to plan your concrete flooring improvement project to protect your people, your product, and your facility.

Polished Concrete for Stronger Flooring

Polished concrete is a great way to restore concrete flooring. It's effective even if the flooring has some imperfections, because the surface of the flooring can be ground down during the polishing process to even things out. 

Polishing concrete also seals it, which prevents the natural porosity of concrete flooring from dusting and from absorbing water, oil, or other substances used and produced in your facility that could compromise and damage the flooring over time. 

Concrete polishing also gives flooring a shiny, appealing appearance that's slip resistant and can still stand up to heavy equipment, foot traffic, and the movement of large amounts of product throughout your facility. Its high reflectivity increases the impact of ambient lighting, which can improve the atmosphere in your facility while keeping your energy costs lower.

The Drawback of Concrete Flooring Projects

It's hard to dispute the benefits of concrete flooring. But there's a drawback, too. Concrete flooring projects can be very time-consuming if you have a large area to cover. There's setup, cleanup, and containment to consider. And renting and using specialized equipment is risky if you don't know exactly what results you're looking for, and exactly how the polishing project will impact the flooring substrate. 

It's a big project to tackle, and contractors you've hired for smaller jobs throughout your facility may not have the tools, training, or the manpower to execute the improvements your flooring needs.

Get It Done Sooner with Power Trowel  

The good news: you can get your concrete flooring project done with confidence when you work with Painters USA—and in a fraction of the time of smaller teams or DIY efforts. 

We’re ready to take on large-scale projects, too. Our teams can polish up to 10,000 square feet of flooring per shift, and we can plan projects around your holiday or shutdown schedule, so there are no unexpected dips in productivity.

Our power trowels are perfect for heavy-duty projects in large commercial and industrial settings. We use diamond-grinding pads that get excellent results as they remove imperfections and leave your floor with a pleasing, even finish. 

We’re trusted by industry leaders throughout Texas and Greater Chicago. We can assess the condition of your substrate to determine the extent of your resurfacing needs, the best tools and techniques for polishing your floor, and the ideal methods for coating and scrubbing concrete flooring to maintain its durability for years to come.

Don’t wait until you notice issues in your concrete flooring. Call Painters USA for your power trowel estimate today.