Power Trowel: Is a Polished Concrete Floor Expensive?

Monday, December 09, 2019

 power trowel concrete polish expensive
power trowel concrete polish expensive

Power trowel services are a great way to polish concrete flooring and maintain the beauty and structural integrity of the original slab. 

But like any other painting, cleaning, or flooring service, hiring a power trowel company for a professionally polished concrete floor is an investment in your business.

To make the most of it, it’s good to understand what goes into a power trowel project, and to weigh your estimate against the potential costs of neglecting your concrete floors or compromising on the quality of your flooring services.

What Goes Into a Power Trowel Estimate?

Every power trowel estimate is a bit different, because no two facilities (and no two floors) are identical. Generally, you can expect these factors to play a role when estimating the cost of concrete polishing.

  • Facility Size: The key determinant of the cost of power trowel services is the square footage of concrete flooring that requires polishing. To make things more cost-effective, it may be a good idea to look for a company that can take on heavy-duty commercial projects.

  • Condition of Existing Flooring: If your existing flooring has less surface damage, you may be able to lower your overall power trowel costs. 

  • Additional Services: As part of a thorough job, many flooring companies include surface preparation, containment, and post-project cleanup in their concrete polishing estimates. 

If you’re passionate about regular cleaning and overall facility maintenance throughout the year, you probably won’t have as much sticker shock as if you haven’t thought about your concrete flooring since the last time it was serviced.

The Costs of Neglecting Concrete Floors

An unpolished concrete floor means a much higher risk of flooring degradation and damage throughout your facility. This could mean:

  • Dusting: Dusting keeps concrete flooring from being thoroughly cleaned, and it means that the surface of your concrete floor is poorly sealed.

  • Moisture: Cracked and damaged flooring due to moisture intrusion could cause damage to equipment, as well as health and safety hazards for employees and visitors.

  • Contamination: Neglected flooring is a major culprit of contamination. Don’t risk compliance violations or employee well-being in the name of saving a bit of money on flooring projects.

In addition to hazard prevention, polished concrete is highly durable, chemical- and moisture-resistant, and easier to keep clean with regular scrubbing, especially if your cleaning company specializes in cleaning polished concrete

When your floors are in great shape, you don’t have to worry about lost time, interrupted productivity, or unplanned work stoppage. 

Protect Your Flooring Investment with Painters USA

Painters USA power trowel services are efficient and effective. Our teams can take on the largest facilities out there, covering as many as 10,000 square feet per shift.

We work around your schedule so you don’t lose time or interrupt production during peak hours. And we can make sure that your floors stay in tiptop shape throughout your facility with a preventive maintenance plan that includes regular cleaning and upkeep.

Whatever your questions about power troweling, our teams are honest, transparent, and upfront. You’ll get the optimal value for what you spend, and floors that look better and last longer.

Don’t wait until there’s a problem with your concrete flooring. Call Painters USA for a comprehensive power trowel estimate today.