Pressure Washing Commercial Exteriors

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hot and Cold Pressure Washing

So, you want to clean your commercial or industrial business's exterior. Though a variety of methods exist, consider power pressure washing. It is one of the most efficient technologies for cleaning exterior surfaces. 

How Does It Work?

Well, as you could imagine, pressure washers function by propelling water at high velocity toward a given surface. This alone should remove a great deal of the paint, mold, dirt, and other build-up associated with exterior structures. Sometimes it's necessary to use detergent in the cleaning process, which helps in the cleaning process but also helps kill bacteria and other contaminants that can discolor or otherwise effect an exterior coating. 

Only the latest equipment and detergent should be used to guarantee the best possible pressure wash. 

What Can Be Pressure-Washed?

Various exterior surfaces can be pressure washed aside from walls, inclkuding: roofs, awnings, gutters and downspouts, graffiti, concrete, and various other areas. As far as buildings, there really are no limits. We've done this for businesses ranging from restaurants and hospitals to industrial plants and HOAs. 

If you think pressure washing might be right for your commercial exterior in Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana, get ahold of us and we'll go over your options. 

Image via Wikimedia Commons/CC