Protecting Industrial Tanks from Corrosion

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Protecting Industrial Tanks from Corrosion Protecting Industrial Tanks from Corrosion

Steel tanks used for holding water, oil or chemicals are highly susceptible to corrosion. Partly it is due to their use: these tanks hold liquids that can corrode their interiors. It is also due to environment: rainwater, soil, minerals, etc. corrode the outside of the tank. Whatever the cause, when corrosion appears on a storage tank, it poses a big problem for the tank’s integrity, and will eventually lead to leaks, contamination of the tank’s contents and environment, as well as a lot of unnecessary expenses.

Why corrosion protection
There are several good reasons to protect your tanks from corrosion. Protective coatings will:

  • Comply with government and/or company requirements
  • Preserve your investments, both the containment systems and what they hold
  • Avoid environmental damages and liability
  • Reduce inspection and maintenance costs

Corrosion solutions
Whether you manage fuel tanks, silos, oil tanks, water towers, wastewater tanks, propane tanks or nearly any other kind, protective coatings will preserve the longevity of your containment systems. Other options that work for some tanks include replacing your tanks with fiberglass versions, or having a cathodic protection system installed, which requires a power unit. For the majority of tanks, however, protective coatings have been preferred as a comprehensive solution. 

The protective coating process
With all painting services, surface preparation is crucial to ensuring the industrial painting job does not fail prematurely. A painting contractor equipped for sand blasting can effectively remove all rust, old paint or other contaminants from the tank’s surface before applying coatings. Depending on the tank type, chemical resistant coatings such as epoxy can be applied. When applied in proper thickness, epoxy and similar coatings prevent corrosion without needing frequent repairs.

Whether you need storage tank interiors or exteriors protected from corrosion, Painters USA will meet all your requirements for tank corrosion protection. Painters USA is an experienced commercial and industrial painting contractor based in the Dallas - Fort Worth area. We are committed to completing your projects with timeliness and professionalism. To learn more on tank coating or other painting services for the DFW area, Texas or beyond, call us at (817) 962-0551 or (214) 521-3100, or get an estimate.