Reducing or Avoiding Work Stoppage to Complete Concrete Replacement

Sunday, August 04, 2019

If your facility's concrete floors have seen better days, you may have to think about repairing them or replacing them. If the damage is minor or isolated, you can typically rely on repair work to restore your floor, which may include filling in cracks and resurfacing the top layer. Fortunately, concrete floor repair doesn’t typically take that long, meaning you can probably maintain your normal production output during the job.

Concrete floor replacement, on the other hand, is a bit more involved and time-consuming, though it’s necessary if your floors are severely damaged on a foundational level. Replacing your floors poses challenges to your facility’s workflow. Without floors, personnel and machinery cannot safely move from point A to point B, and some equipment may need to be shut down altogether.

So, if you need to invest in new commercial concrete flooring, is it even possible to keep up your production rates and maintain your bottom line? At Painters USA, we aim to reduce or avoid work stoppages while we replace our customers’ floors. Here are some of the ways we achieve this.

Scheduling and Timing

The first step in avoiding work stoppage is choosing the optimal date and time to start working. We will work with you to determine this schedule. If your facility is about to undergo a temporary shutdown or slowdown anyway, this is a prime time to start replacing your concrete floors. Holidays, off-hours, and other circumstances might provide you with an opportunity. If everything aligns, our commercial flooring contractors will get to work during these periods so your normal production schedule can remain intact.

Efficiency and Careful Planning

Timing is key, but so is time itself. At Painters USA, our teams work quickly without sacrificing quality. Our efficient concrete replacement process allows us to get the job done as soon as possible so your facility can get back in action with brand new floors. If necessary, we will also segment the job so certain areas of your factory or warehouse can remain operational while we replace the floors of another. While it may take a bit longer overall to install your new warehouse concrete floor this way, it will also reduce work stoppage.

Clear Communication

Every job goes smoother when everyone is in the know. If anyone on our team or your team is unaware of what’s going on during the replacement process, it can lead to delays or pose serious safety risks. We make sure to keep an open line of communication between our staff and yours so everyone knows where to go and not to go. For instance, after we replace your epoxy concrete floor, we may perform additional surfacing tasks like polishing to complete the job. If anyone is unaware of this, they may interfere with the process, resulting in more work and more time spent in your facility.

You don’t want production to stop or slow down, but you also don’t want your facility’s foundation to crumble beneath your feet. Through careful scheduling, planning, experience, and communication, Painters USA can replace your damaged concrete floors without severely huring your bottom line. To learn more about our company and all the services we offer, contact us at 1-800-999-8715.