Repair or Replace? How to Make the Best Choice for Your Brewery Flooring

Thursday, May 23, 2019

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A safe, productive brewery relies on durable, clean floors. That said, your floors are bound to take a beating over time. They must regularly endure the weight of heavy machinery, constant foot traffic, dropped materials, and spilled liquids. Regular cleaning and re-painting will help your floor last longer, but some repairs are inevitable.

Depending on the severity of the damage, you may decide to have your flooring repaired or replaced altogether. The hard part is knowing which option is best. Fortunately, a brewery flooring contractor can help you make this call. Here are some of the things they might mention as you contemplate repairing vs. replacing your brewery flooring.

When and How Was the Initial Floor Installed?

Your floor’s age plays a big role in making this decision. Just as all technology advances over the years, flooring is no exception. If your brewery floor is extremely outdated, your commercial flooring contractors might recommend starting over with a newer, more advanced flooring option. For instance, Painters USA installs USDA approved Urethane cement flooring systems which are highly resistant to chemicals and thermal shock.

You also have to consider how the existing floor was installed. If it was installed poorly or incorrectly, repairing it will just prolong the underlying issue. In these cases, it’s best to remove the old floor and properly install a new one.

Signs of Spalling?

Floor damage comes in many forms, but some are definitely worse than others. Spalling refers to flaking or chipping typically caused by water damage or oxidation. If your brewery floor is experiencing spalling, you may need to replace it, though it depends on the degree of the problem. In some cases, a new topcoat may be enough to repair the damage. However, new flooring installation is the only option if the floor has deteriorated too much.

How Much Material Would Fix the Problem?

Before deciding to replace or repair your brewery flooring, you have to ask yourself what makes more sense in terms of cost analysis. In other words, how much time, money, material, and effort would have to go into repairing your floor vs. replacing it? You might find that, at least in the long run, replacement makes more sense financially than repair. Industrial flooring contractors can install a new, high-quality floor that will last a long time. Even a good repair job might only prolong your floor’s life for a couple of years before it needs more work done.

How Deep is the Damage?

Brewery floors are made of multiple layers. How many layers depends on which industrial flooring solutions you choose. Regardless, every floor has a base, which is the foundation of everything else. If your floor gets damaged on the surface, repairs are often easier and more sensible to make. However, if the deepest layer is severely eroded, it weakens the entire floor. It’s incredibly invasive and difficult to repair a floor at the deepest levels, so a total replacement might be the only option if your base is the problem.

In the end, whether you decide to repair or replace your brewery flooring will depend on its age, how it was installed, how badly and deeply it’s damaged, and your budget. The industrial flooring professionals at Painters USA are here to help you make the best choice for your facility so your brewery remains safe, clean, and efficient. To learn more about us, contact us at 1-800-999-8715.