Rust Control: How to Evaluate a Rusty Ceiling for Maintaining Ag and Food Safety

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

We encounter rust in our daily lives. We might see it on the undercarriages of trucks, the stems of road signs, or facades of broken down buildings. In fact, rust has become so commonplace that we might not think much of it, but it’s important to prevent it from occuring whenever possible. This is especially true for the Food and Beverage industry, where rust can quickly form and become a safety hazard for producers and consumers alike.

What is Rust, Anyway?

Rust is formed when iron and other alloys come into contact with excessive moisture and oxygen. This causes an oxidation-reduction or redox reaction, which alters the number of electrons in a molecule or atom. If you own or manage a food processing plant (vegetable processing, in particular), it turns out that your ceilings are prime real estate for these redox reactions. This is because the steam that’s given off by your machinery condenses on the ceiling. Over time, this moisture can cause your ceiling to rust.

Why is Rust a Problem for Your Facility?

Rust itself is not necessarily a health or safety hazard. However, the presence of rust comes with a number of severe health and safety risks, which can pose a threat to your workers and your customers. For instance, the bacteria tetanus, which can wreak havoc on one’s nervous system and cause a lot of pain, can sometimes be found on rusty objects. If someone comes into contact with even a small amount of rust carrying tetanus, they are at risk of contracting this disease.

Rust can also lead to further corrosion and contamination. For instance, if your facility’s ceiling is rusty, paint chips may begin to peel and flake downward towards your equipment, products, and personnel. During audits, the USDA and FDA can heavily fine you for this infraction, as paint chips falling into food processing machinery can cause major food safety issues. This is in part why investing in regular industrial painting is so important.

Preventing Rusty Ceilings

If you want to maintain a safe, healthy facility and comply with legal regulations, you need to keep your ceilings from rusting. The best way to prevent rusty ceilings is by installing a proper coating system that will block moisture and oxygen from reacting with the metal surface. Some industrial painting contractors specialize in rust control and prevention, and can protect your ceilings from rust.

At Painters USA, we install coating systems that are USDA & FDA approved. Our coating systems carry up to a 10 year warranty against failure, and Plant Facility Sanitation Departments have depended on us for years to prevent rust & corrosion on their ceilings. Not only do our coatings keep rust from forming on your ceilings, they also stop the spread of bacteria and other contaminants. In addition, our storage tank painting services will protect your tanks from corrosion, ensuring the safety of your food production process.

Ready for Rust Control?

No matter your industry, you want to avoid rust from forming inside your facility. For those in the Food and Ag industry, keep an eye on your ceilings, but remember that your tanks, silos, and other metal equipment are prime suspects for rust, too. Whether you’re in need of industrial tank painting or ceiling painting services, you can count on Painters USA and our rust control solutions.

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