Safety Matters! Your Painters USA Team Is On the Cutting Edge

Friday, December 21, 2018

When we’re asked what we’re most proud of about our company, our services and capability is certainly high on the list. And our nationwide reach - that’s a big one too.

If we drill down a bit deeper, however, we uncover one of our bedrock values: safety. This is a benefit for our team, of course, and part of the responsibility and privilege of caring for and equipping our dedicated workforce. It’s also, however, a benefit for our clients, because we care about YOU too, and your team.

We can’t talk enough about this, and we really feel that we can’t over-share either. We want you to know what we’re doing, and to be totally transparent about what, and how, we’re investing in our safety procedures.

A Complete Culture of Safety

Safety can be a directive, commanded from the top down, or it can be a team effort that saturates every level of a company.

The latter is our approach.

In fact, we invested in a dedicated Safety Director who helps inform, train, and encourage our team in a unified way. If you haven’t met Darren yet, click over to this article that explains his background, his work, and his passion for keeping our team safe.

This approach is really working, too! In fact, we are proud to have been the recipient of the 2016 MRMH Safety Award from Assurance  in recognition of our efforts and their effectiveness.

Specifically, we achieved the following:

  • Increased sense of teamwork and shared responsibility
  • $244,000 saved in Workers’ Compensation
  • 47% reduction in our EMR (Experience Modification Rating), putting our organization well below 1.0
  • 5 years without a job-site accident
  • Equipping and protecting our team helps to reinforce their sense of value and worth

This is what teamwork and a shared vision can do!

Safety Is No Accident: Ongoing Training is Essential

Here’s a look at what our training practices include:

  • All painters are OSHA 10 certified
  • 50% of painters are OSHA 30 certified
  • Confined Space Certification
  • Aerial Lift Certification
  • Respirator Fit Training
  • 3rd party random safety audits (16 per year)
  • Required daily job site safety risk assessments (over 6800 per year)
  • Job site safety audits (internal audits by our Field Operations staff – 600 per year)
  • 4 year certified apprentice program

Every project, every step... It all reflects this overall commitment.

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