Sandblasting: Types and Techniques

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Since it is the most common type of media blasting, sandblasting is a blanket term for many abrasive blasting services. 

Understanding each type of industrial cleaning service helps you make an informed decision when it’s time for industrial paint removal and reapplication, or prepping your office for extensive commercial painting services.

Common Types of Sandblasting

When it comes to hiring industrial painters for abrasive blasting services, you have a few options for how to move forward. 

  • Traditional sandblasting: Basic sandblasting uses pressurized sand to clear away surface imperfections, damaged paint, and particulates

  • Vapor assisted sandblasting: Incorporates water into the sandblasting process. Water vapor boosts the effectiveness and efficiency of the blasting process, removing more while using less blasting media. Containment is also easier than with traditional sandblasting. So cleanup is quicker and easier.

  • Dry ice blasting: Dry ice blasting blasts compressed carbon dioxide from a pressurized container to clean and sanitize surfaces.

Any of these methods could make the difference between a successful paint job and a failed one. Removing particulates fully before beginning painting is critical for proper primer application, and it’s the only way to be sure paint sticks to the surface smoothly and completely.

Choosing the Optimal Sandblasting Service

Choosing which sandblasting service to use means getting clear on your priorities. A deeper clean is going to require a more heavy-duty method, like vapor assisted sandblasting, to get to the bottom of things.

If you need to clean more sensitive equipment or fixtures, dry ice blasting can better protect those valuable assets. Dry ice blasting is also a good option if your health and safety requirements need maximum containment and minimal particulates in the air.

Painters USA teams can recommend a media blasting service for your warehouse or manufacturing facility that fits your needs and keeps you in compliance. Depending on your combination of equipment and environments, we can utilize a combination of abrasive blasting and other industrial cleaning services to protect and preserve your surfaces.

When to Schedule Sandblasting Services

Painters USA can work with you to schedule sandblasting services around your needs and your production demands. This could mean we complete your abrasive blasting:

  • In an occupied space: we can recommend containment and plan projects to get things done, even if people are on the job or in the space.

  • Nights and weekends: If you’d prefer we work when your teams aren’t in, or if you need multiple industrial painting, cleaning, and flooring services, we can get it done during off-hours.

  • Holidays and shutdowns: We can do holiday and shutdown work for any service, if your manufacturing schedule includes planned shutdowns for facility maintenance.

Whether you’ve noticed paint damage, corrosion, or uneven painting, you don’t have to leave your protective coatings vulnerable. 

Painters USA is available for abrasive blasting services, including sandblasting and dry ice blasting, for commercial and industrial facilities across Texas, the Gulf Coast, and Greater Chicago. We can also tackle a wide range of industrial painting, flooring, cleaning, and facility maintenance jobs, so you don’t have to juggle projects or chase down contractors. Get started now. Call Painters USA for a sandblasting estimate today.