Silo Painting in Illinois: Protecting Our Clients’ Investments!

Friday, June 21, 2019

Thanks to our nationwide capabilities, we serve facilities of all types and sizes spanning numerous industries across the U.S. And, because of our specialized training and expertise, we often are called in to handle those projects that are more unique in nature. 

In this case, we were asked by an Illinois client to paint the interior AND exterior of 6 of their large silos. The exterior work obviously called for our standard safety procedures, but the interior also required crews that are certified to work in confined spaces. 

This kind of work also demands very specific coating specifications (those of you in the food and agricultural industries know what we’re referring to!). Thankfully we have NACE-certified specialists on our team who can develop and monitor the application process. Every step of the way, they ensured that the exact results and specs were achieved for the total success of the project.

A Closer Look At Our Silo Painting Process

After thoroughly masking and containing the workspace, our team followed these steps:

  1. First, we power washed all surfaces with a 6,000 PSI power washer to SSPC-SP-1 standards. This washed away any and all contaminants that would put secure coating adhesion at risk. 
  2. Next, we removed any pack rust with a power tool clean.
  3. Time to prime! In this case, we applied a primer coat of PPG Amerlock 2-part epoxy at 5-6 mils DFT. 
  4. Next, we applied the top coat of PPG Pitthane 2-part urethane at 3 mils DFT. 
  5. We also removed all failing chime seal on the inside and out of the tank bottoms, and replace it with polyurethane sealant. 

The project was a success, as you can see in the photos above. It was a pleasure to help our client protect and maintain their investments - especially ones as critical as silo storage tanks. 

Let’s Discuss Your Summertime Painting and Coating Needs

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