Structural Steel and Equipment Painting for an Energy Company in Colorado

Friday, July 07, 2017

We are extremely proud of our diversity of services here at Painters USA. Our clients appreciate this kind of broad capability too, as they know they can call just one number to have all their maintenance needs met.

If we had to choose one area of specialty that we really, really enjoy (this is like asking us which one of our kids is the favorite), we would have to choose large industrial projects. This is where our unique abilities and skillsets really shine, and we have the opportunity to meet critical needs for our clients.

What qualifies us for these kind of complex, involved projects?

In a word, communication. Thorough, clear communication needs to flow between our client, estimators, field supervisors, foremen, and painters. This is what helps Painters USA to stand out among a myriad of prospective contractors.

To show you how this plays out in real life, let’s explore a project we recently completed for an energy company.

Industrial Cleaning and Painting with a Strict Schedule

We were contracted to complete a large-scale cleaning and painting project, remediating 20+ years of wear and tear within a mining operation.

Because the mine was operational 24 hours per day, we had very limited windows to knock out large portions of the work. We were able to accomplish this unique, rigorous work pattern by utilizing 20 trained, certified painters. Our large workforce actually includes 175 professional painters at this time, across our four locations nationwide.

  • We began by cutting through two decades of dirt, grease, grime, and oil by applying a heavy-duty degreaser, followed by pressure washing with 3000-6000 PSI units.
  • With initial cleaning complete, our NACE-certified coating inspector reviewed the surface and gave us the green light to apply a 3-coat system (2 coats of epoxy primer and a urethane topcoat).

We were able to complete this large-scale, complex project on-time and on-budget, leaving behind a coating system that we know will serve our client well for years to come.

Are You Planning an Industrial Painting Project?

If so, we hope you will contact us at Painters USA. It would be our pleasure to serve you!