Tank Painting for a Railroad in Illinois

Friday, May 12, 2017

We were chosen to complete this particular project for a couple of key reasons.

On one hand, we offer the experience, team, and services needed to paint the industrial tank owned by this Illinois railroad (more on the process below!).

Beyond the standard qualifications, however, we also offer the benefit of being a nationally certified woman-owned business. Carrying this coveted WBENC certification means that many of our clients, like this local railroad, could utilize their diversity budget to contract us for services.

Need a refresher on what a WBENC certification means for us and for you? Be sure to take a look here for more details and information.

Does Your Painting Company Have What It Takes to Work on a Railroad?

Railroads are unique, potentially hazardous environments, and require specialized certifications, security clearance, and insurance coverage. All on-site employees also need to go through background checks and testing, earning a security badge that allows them to work on the premises.

Painters USA has the experience needed to help navigate these extra considerations, making the process easier for our clients in every way.

Tank and Pipe Coating Services

This particular project involved identifying and applying the perfect coating for this industrial tank and piping.

One of our NACE-certified coating inspectors began by assessing the existing condition of the tank and piping, allowing us to develop a customized plan for how to best prep and coat the surface. We routinely inspected the coating thickness using a mil-gauge throughout the project, ensuring that it was in accordance with the railroad’s specs.

At the end of the process, we were able to achieve a coating that we know will serve the surface well, providing invaluable protection from decay.

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