Tile Removal and Epoxy Floor Installation in a Suburban Chicago Hospital

Monday, August 31, 2015

As we all know, hospitals are dedicated to caring for those who can’t care for themselves, and are filled with hard-working people who are passionate about the wellness of others. What isn’t often considered, however, is the fact that the hospital building itself works hard too, experiencing heavy cleaning, foot traffic, the rolling of machinery and equipment, and the ongoing fatigue that comes naturally with age.

While we certainly are not much help when it comes to actual medical care, we have had the privilege on practically countless occasions of strengthening the paint, coatings, and floorings in medical facilities. Because it’s such a sensitive environment, we employ safety practices like using HEPA filters to keep air quality pure, and selecting low-VOC paint that carries no odor.

In that sense, you could say we’re passionate about health too!

We recently had the opportunity to remove an old tile floor in a suburban Chicago hospital, and replace it with a modern, clean epoxy system. Join us for a project tour below!

Installing a New Epoxy Floor System

Throughout the storage and break area of this hospital stretched a tired, worn tile floor. Our mission was to efficiently tear it out and put in the new system. First we had to do a little moving. After all, the problem with floors is that everything sits on them. So, we pulled all the cabinets, tables, and storage units out of the area.

Then, we did the following:

  • Removed the cove base from the walls (cove base is a protective trim that connects the floor and wall, just in case you weren’t sure)
  • Next, we tore out the old tile
  • Time for that new 100% solids epoxy floor system!
  • We then put all the furniture and storage units back into place

Not only was this update an aesthetic boost, but epoxy floors also offer an incredibly durable, easy-to-clean surface. That’s ideal for a huge variety of applications, but especially sounds perfect for a hospital, doesn’t it?

Be sure to scroll through the slideshow above to see the transformation. If you already did, why not do it again? Just for good measure...

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