Total Warehouse Painting in St. Louis – Ceiling, Walls, and Structural Steel

Friday, February 17, 2017

When we are invited to an industrial space, we often have a specific objective. Maybe the flooring needs to be radically repurposed with a new industrial system, machinery is begging for a deep clean and electrostatic painting, or the ceiling deck needs to be blown clean and painted.

In this case, however, our St. Louis client needed us to transform their entire warehouse, top to bottom, reaching out into their offices as well.

Join us for a closer look!

Cleaning and Painting Ceilings and Columns in an Industrial Warehouse

Project containment is essential for any painting endeavor, but never more so than in a space like this. To eliminate overspray of paint or the spread of dust/debris as we cleaned, we hung floor-to-ceiling plastic curtains, and lined the floor with plastic as well. 

Then, we followed these steps:

  • Blew down the ceiling deck to remove loose contaminants (that dirt and debris we mentioned above)
  • Wiped down the ductwork and heavy dirt on the ceiling and trusses
  • Sprayed the ceiling with one coat of alkyd dryfall white (nice and reflective!)
  • To enhance the facility’s safety, we painted the columns industrial enamel (safety yellow and white)

Repairing and Painting Warehouse Walls

  • Containment first (again)! This include laying down all necessary plastic to trap the product of our work
  • We repaired or replaced bad drywall (as needed)
  • Before we cleaned and painted, we hung plastic curtains again to enclose our workspace
  • With the repairs and containment in place, we used a high-pressure system to blow down the walls, dislodging any lingering dust or debris
  • Painted the walls with one coat of latex white in a durable semi-gloss sheen

Patching and Painting the Office Space

The office was definitely in need of TLC as well.

  • We began by patching the walls, then sanding and priming the repairs
  • Sanded down all the walls and frames
  • Painted the walls, windows and doorframes

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