Urethane Cement Floor Installation at a Food Processing Plant in Illinois

Friday, January 12, 2018

In a recent blog post, we briefly discussed how important it is that your flooring system meets both your daily, functional needs as well as the overall standards held by your industry.

Food companies are a perfect example. Flooring in the food industry must meet specific performance requirements, but it also must adhere to strict USDA and FDA guidelines. From grain storage silos to food processing and packaging companies, cleanliness is of paramount importance.

So, how can you find a flooring solution that meets your needs from every angle? That’s where a professional industrial and commercial flooring company comes in. Here at Painters USA and Redimere Surface Solutions, we not only know flooring, but also have decades of experience and familiarity with your industry.

Today, let’s take a closer look at the beauty, and functionality, of a urethane cement floor.

What is Urethane Cement, and Why Is It Ideal for the Food Industry?

Urethane cement is a floor coating system that goes where epoxy floor systems dare not tread (sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s true).

This flooring option’s greatest claim to fame is its ability to withstand thermal shock (rapid temperature changes) and chemical exposure, making it ideal for environments that experience frequent washing. Extreme temperature fluctuations and industrial-grade cleaners are never an issue, and that’s good news if you’re in the food business. Cracking, chipping, and peeling (the fate of a normal epoxy coating) are a problem of the past.

Urethane Cement Installation

What does the application process look like? In the case of this food manufacturing plant, we followed these steps:

  • First, we used our diamond grinders to open the pores in the concrete surface, guaranteeing secure adhesion
  • Next, we hand-ground the concrete base
  • Prep is key! We applied a polyuria joint filler to any cracks
  • Next: trowel down urethane cement coating
  • To help create a non-slip surface we broadcasted an aggregate
  • Topped off the surface with sealer

As an interesting side note, we completed these steps over just a small area. Our client wanted to gauge the floor’s performance, and then have us come back in six months to install urethane cement floors throughout three more areas.

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