Warehouse Ceiling and Wall Painting in Indiana

Friday, January 19, 2018

This Indiana facility manufactures industrial equipment, producing their products like a well-oiled machine.


Like many other manufacturing sites, this particular facility generates an incredible amount of oil, grease, and dust. These materials inevitably find their way to the walls and ceiling, obscuring the paint underneath and creating a drab, dark interior.

We were contracted to brighten this working environment with a thorough cleaning and fresh coat (actually two!) of paint. Not only does this kind of industrial interior painting drastically improve the aesthetic appeal, but it can actually lower energy costs while improving overall work safety.

A clean, bright environment that reflects light rather than absorbs it is essential, keeping everyone safe while lowering the need to compensate with massive amounts of artificial lighting.

Interior Painting Over the Weekend

Our clients have tight timelines and scheduling demands of their own to deal with, so we do all we can to alleviate their stress and accommodate their calendars. In this case, like many other situations, we worked over the weekend while their employees were enjoying their well-deserved days off. The job was sizeable, but so is our workforce! We were able to send multiple crews to ensure that the work was done according to their specifications and timetable.

When Monday rolled around, they had a radically transformed workplace to enjoy.

The Process of Interior Industrial Painting

Here’s a closer look at how we made this transformation a reality:

  • First, we blew down the ceiling to remove any dust and contaminants that could compromise the paint job
  • Next, we masked and tarped all areas that weren’t to be painted
  • We then applied 2 coats on the ceiling of Acrylic Dry-Fog Semi-Gloss Latex
  • For the walls, we began by carefully scrubbing the surfaces with industrial cleaners
  • After rinsing thoroughly, we applied two coats of High Gloss Industrial Enamel

Be sure to click through the photos above and see the difference for yourself!

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