What Is Low and Zero-VOC Paint?

Saturday, January 17, 2015

It’s hard not to like new interior paint. Whether in your home or business, the discovery of a fresh look is always welcome, and seeing a space transformed is a satisfying experience. After all, why do you think we’re professional painters?

One downside, however, that can especially be a deterrent for business owners, is the issue of that famous new paint smell. Thanks to proper ventilation and procedures the issue can often be lessened, but sometimes, depending on the environment, you need to avoid it altogether.

Why Does Fresh Paint Smell?

In short, the strong, chemical odor you might notice after painting is a result of the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) evaporating as the paint dries. VOC’s help to keep the product in a liquid state while it’s stored in the can. Once the can is opened and the paint is applied, however, their job is done.

Low-Odor and Environmentally-Friendly Paint

As an answer to this issue, we at Painters USA are proud to offer low and zero-VOC paint formulas. They are just as easily applied and adhere beautifully, but with little or no residual smell. This is a particularly great option for commercial painting projects since you never want to run the risk of offending employees or patrons with fumes.

What Are the Advantages of Low-VOC and No-VOC Institutional Paints?

  • There is virtually no odor to bother clients/employees
  • The overall environmental impact of the project is lower
  • The cost of the materials is very similar
  • The quality and endurance is just the same
  • There are still thousands of colors to choose from

What Kinds of Institutions Prefer Low-VOC or No-VOC Paints?

  • Commercial Offices
  • Hospitals & Doctors’ Offices
  • Laboratories & Agricultural Facilities
  • Food Production & Processing
  • Restaurants, Cafés & Cafeterias
  • Libraries, Schools & Universities
  • Apartments, Condos & HOA’s
  • Hotels & Airports
  • Churches, Synagogues & Mosques

The natural next question becomes: is this a good option for you and your commercial painting needs? If so, or if you have any questions related to our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Painters USA. It would be our pleasure to help!