What’s the Best Floor System for a Brewery?

Thursday, April 25, 2019

So much is asked of a brewery floor - in both micro & macro breweries.

It has to be ready to work, and work HARD. It has to look good too, especially since many patrons enjoy seeing the inner workings of your facility (seeing the process has become part of the experience). Your flooring has to be safe as well, especially since the surface will often be wet.

Perhaps most important of all, your brewery floor also needs to be resistant to thermal shock, meaning that it can gracefully endure extreme temperature changes without compromising the integrity of the system.

What do we recommend?

7 Reasons Why Urethane Cement Systems Are Ideal for Your Brewery Floor

Why urethane cement? Here’s a closer look:

  • USDA approved! This is crucial for facilities that are involved in the food or beverage industry.
  • Cures quickly (low-VOC, solvent-free formulas also keep fumes and odors to a minimum).
  • Installs quickly for a rapid return to service.
  • Seamless surface, preventing the growth of trapped bacteria.
  • Chemical-resistant.
  • Withstands thermal shock.
  • Offers exceptional adhesion, which translates to increased longevity and a greater return on your investment.

How Do You Install a Urethane Cement Floor System?

Just like any of our painting or flooring services, it all comes down to our experienced team investing the time in cutting-edge preparation and application techniques:

  • First, we use our diamond grinders to open the pores in your floor’s surface. This helps guarantee ultra-secure adhesion.
  • If needed, we’ll apply a polyurea joint filler to any cracks.
  • Next, we trowel down the urethane cement coating.
  • We can then add a non-slip aggregate broadcast for extra traction and safety (perfect for breweries!)
  • Lastly, the surface is sealed.

Do you have any other questions about best practices or industry standards for your brewery’s paint and coatings? We’re here to help. Contact us today!