Why Choosing Weather-Resistant Paint Matters

Monday, November 04, 2019

 why choosing weather resistant paint matters
why choosing weather resistant paint matters

Paint doesn’t last forever, but it should coat your building and equipment for a long time. Unfortunately, a number of factors can cause damage to your commercial painting, and if your paint job isn’t up to the test, you might have to invest in a new coat sooner than expected. So, it’s important to apply the right type of paint to your facility’s various features. Here’s why choosing weather-resistant paint matters.

Protect Your Assets

In addition to their commercial property, many businesses rely on special equipment and machinery to remain operational and profitable. Therefore, it’s vital to maintain and protect these investments. Paint acts as a protective barrier, providing a buffer between the outside world and the underlying surfaces. This goes for all types of paint, but weather-resistant paint is even more durable, specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions such as rain and high winds. Weather-resistant paint is a must for applications like industrial tank painting, for instance, as these units are extremely valuable and exposed to all kinds of environmental damage.

Keep Your Facility Safe

Profitability is not the only concern a company has. Businesses must also ensure a safe environment for all workers, guests, and customers. Industrial painting plays a role in this endeavor. Weather-resistant paint contributes to facility safety by preventing leaking, corrosion, rot, and other forms of decay that can lead to adverse health effects or injury. Businesses that focus on safety have better reputations and reduce costs associated with worker’s compensation and absence.

Maintain Your Property’s Value

Your property as a whole is your business’s greatest asset. The more valuable your property, the more valuable your company. Weather-resistant paint will keep your building’s exterior in great shape for as long as possible. This type of paint may cost more to apply than less durable types of paint, but the long-term return on investment is worth the short-term expense. A commercial exterior painting project that uses lower quality paints may only last a few years before requiring touch-ups or a complete overhaul. But weather-resistant paints (when properly maintained) will hold up for much longer.

Attract More Business

If your business opens its doors to customers, you want it to make a great first impression. Businesses with strong curb appeal are more enticing and will attract more patrons than those with worn down, peeling, fading exteriors. Stay ahead of the competition by guarding your exteriors against the elements.

The paint you choose for your property and other assets will affect your business in major ways. In this way, choosing weather-resistant paint is also choosing to make your facility more durable, more profitable, and safer. If you think it’s time to upgrade your exterior paint job, hire a commercial painting company experienced in applying weather-resistant coatings for all kinds of facilities. For over 40 years, Painters USA has been in the business of improving commercial and industrial facilities across the U.S. To learn more about us and our many services, contact us at 1-800-999-8715.