Why Paint Your Tank or Silo?

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Silo painting and tank painting are worthwhile industrial painting services for your manufacturing site. This storage equipment is essential to maintaining efficiency and productivity at your facility. Painters USA clients see numerous benefits from painting silos and tanks.

Aesthetics and Branding

Tank and silo painting improve aesthetics and strengthen branding. Coating them with paint increases their visibility and makes a strong first impression on potential employees, visitors, and clients.

While painting goes beyond boosting appearance, it does enhance it, which can only benefit how your business is perceived in your community. If you’ve updated branding or added new equipment, silos and tanks can be painted to match your new aesthetic and give everything a uniform, cohesive look.

Equipment Protection

Corrosion can happen throughout your facility, but industrial equipment like silos and tanks are particularly vulnerable. Their increased risk comes from:

  • Direct contact with corrosive materials stored inside

  • Exposure to the elements 

  • Temperature changes and humidity fluctuations 

If you’ve noticed degradation from chemicals, moisture, and rusting, industrial painting services can correct that and better protect you from future damage. Since industrial cleaning services like abrasive blasting are a part of corrosion remediation prior to painting, your equipment will be restored and renewed before applying a durable coating of top-quality paint. 

Specialized Coatings

The specialized coatings Painters USA uses for tanks and silos add an additional layer of strength. We offer a wide range of coatings and can recommend options based on the demands of your manufacturing process, your compliance standards, and the climate inside and outside your facility. Coatings can be:

  • Low/No-VOC

  • Corrosion Resistant

  • Antimicrobial

  • Chemical and Corrosion-Resistant

  • High or Low Temperature Tolerant

Safety and Stability

Industrial coatings improve safety and stability of tanks and silos. Degradation from corrosion and additional damage caused by failing paint and coatings can compromise your entire asset. That’s a huge expense and a major liability, both of which can be avoided with attentive industrial painting and cleaning services for tanks, silos, and equipment.

We can also work with you on lead paint abatement for any metal structure on your property to keep your teams and your site safer and less vulnerable to lead poisoning. 


Along with the extra-strong coatings that can resist intensive conditions at your manufacturing facility, your industrial painting contractor can work with you to make it last. Painters USA corrosion remediation services can carry a warranty of up to 10 years. 

Protecting your investment in your business includes protecting your equipment. We can inspect your silos and tanks for corrosion and paint damage. We can apply coatings using the the proper security and safety protocol to keep you compliant. We are licensed, insured, and bonded so you can feel confident the job is getting done right.

And you don’t have to stress over scheduling. We can work with you during holidays, planned shutdowns, or around the clock until your tanks or silos are painted. We can also discuss other facility improvement services for your manufacturing site or warehouse, including improving concrete flooring, cleaning ceilings, and painting exterior industrial surfaces.

Don’t wait until your silos and tanks become an eyesore or cause safety hazards. We can work with you to improve your Texas, Gulf Coast, or Greater Chicago industrial facility. Call Painters USA for a silo painting estimate now.