Why Epoxy Cove Bases Are Essential for Facilities

Friday, February 28, 2014

Many commercial, industrial, or other large-scale facilities need regular cleaning. Epoxy cove bases, where the epoxy floor meets and travels up the wall a bit, can help help in keeping these facilities clean. 

If you've ever tried to clean the seam where floor meets wall, then you'll understand the advantage of an epoxy cove base. You always seem to push the dirt and grime into the corner, to the point that this area is not clean at all, and becomes an extended petri dish for bacterial growth. An epoxy cove base, which is sloped, makes the cleaning of the floor (and wall) easier. They bases can be of any height or thickness, thought of course you won't want a gigantic one. 

Naturally, epoxy cove bases ares essential for facilities with epoxy floors; which, of course, are installed first of all because they easier to clean and maintain than many other flooring systems. So, if you have an epoxy floor, whether your facility is a school, factory, or anything in between, definitely consider installing them. And if you're building a new facility, and expect to install epoxy floors, save yourself a headache and install epoxy cove bases. 

So, to conclude, if your facility is prone to the accumulation of dirt, grime, and bacteria, you're probably going to already have or want epoxy floors. And if you have or are planning on having epoxy floors installed, then just know that epoxy cove bases are important. 

If you have any questions the various ins and outs of epoxy cove bases, be sure to give Painters USA a call. We've installed them all over the Midwest, including Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. 

Image: Epoxy.com