Safety is a Core Value

Safety is a Core Value

Very grateful for squeezing me into your busy schedule. Work got done and looks great.

—Industrial property manager



The safety culture ingrained in the Painters USA family of companies is definitely no accident. It is ingrained in every employee with consistent & ongoing training.  We ask all our employees at every level for a 100% buy-in when it comes to the safety culture we have carefully cultivated in our 40+ years in business.  

 Painters USA employs a full-time Safety Director who is instrumental in instilling and maintaining the safety culture our employees share, in the field and in the office.  From newly-hired employees to the most seasoned veterans in all divisions of Painters USA, he works tirelessly for our employees to make it home to our families unscathed and unharmed every single day.

 Our Safety Director, Kyle Armstrong, has a strong philosophy: All injuries and incidents are preventable and safety is an integral part of everyone’s job.  He believes working safely is a condition of employment and that injury prevention has a direct impact on morale, productivity, company earnings, & customer satisfaction.

Our Award-Winning Safety Program

Maybe you saw in a blog we posted that Painters USA won the MRMH Safety Award from Assurance

We also can boast high grades (“A’s”) with over 20 corporations on the safety and procurement portal ISNet World.  It hasn’t gone unrecognized – they want to do a piece on us for their newsletter about this extraordinary accomplishment.

Some of our safety qualifications include:

  • All our painters are OSHA 10 certified
  • 50% of our painters are OSHA 30 certified
  • We carry confined space certifications
  • We carry aerial lift certifications
  • Respirator fit training
  • Lock out/tag out training
  • Site-specific safety training
  • 4-year certified apprentice program
  • 3rd party random safety audits (16 per year)
  • Required daily job site safety risk assessments (over 6800 per year)
  • Job site safety audits (internal audits by our Field Operations staff – 600 per year)

What Does Our Focus On Jobsite Safety Mean for YOU?

Painters USA’s commitment to safety will give you peace of mind when the time comes for contracting your own maintenance projects. Besides our own safety program, we frequently attend site and company-specific safety training prior to starting a project.  We welcome these opportunities to further our knowledge and ensure the wellbeing of everyone on a jobsite.

None of our achievements would be possible without Kyle’s leadership and the full support and compliance of our employees companywide.