Power Trowel: Reducing Floor Polishing Time with Painters USA

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Reducing Floor Polishing Time

In business, time is money. Sure, it’s a cliché at this point – but it’s only used so often because it’s true. The longer a project takes, the more money it will cost. Saving time on a job will inevitably save money – and saving money is a good thing. With the idea of saving time in mind, we want to talk about industrial flooring solutions. Specifically, we want to talk about concrete industrial flooring and the idea of polishing it. While the many benefits of polishing a concrete floor are well known – things like great appearance, slip-resistant surface, low maintenance, etc. – the process can take some time to complete. This is particularly true for large spaces, such as warehouses. Fortunately, Painters USA offers a solution to the lengthy floor polishing process and it comes in the form of a power trowel used as an industrial floor polisher.

Polishing Big Spaces

In days gone by, polishing a large concrete floor was an economic problem. Even if the business had time in the schedule to complete a large polishing project – one that could take more than a week – there often wasn’t money in the budget for such a job. It was extremely costly to complete the work. It was also time-consuming and required specialized labor. With the power trowel in the picture, the economics of the situation have changed. The work can be done significantly faster than with other equipment, bringing the overall cost of the project down significantly. For example, a 100,000 square foot floor would take approximately 33 days to polish using traditional methods. By putting a couple of power trowels to use instead, this time can be cut down to an impressive seven days.

Fitting It In

Even for a project not limited by a budget, the idea of polishing a concrete floor is sometimes set aside simply because the job is already behind schedule, even without adding polishing to the mix. It’s not easy to fit in a large concrete floor polishing project when using time intensive tools like walk-behind grinders. Switch to a power trowel, however, and the total time is reduced by half or even more, meaning it is no longer such a stretch to make the calendar work for all involved.

Picking the Right Project

It should be mentioned that using a power trowel will not be possible on each and every polished concrete floor project. Specifically, it won’t be an option when the building doesn’t have an entry suitable for the machine to enter. A power trowel is a relatively large piece of equipment, so there needs to be viable access in order to use it to perform the polishing. Working with Painters USA early in the development of your project can help determine whether this polishing method is a feasible plan for your floor. If you would like to have a concrete floor polished without busting your budget or blowing your timeline, contact Painters USA right away. With locations in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Chicago, and Danville, we are ready to serve you. Thanks for visiting!