Silo Painting for a Heat Tool Manufacturer in Wisconsin

Friday, July 13, 2018

Silo Painting for a Heat Tool Manufacturer in Wisconsin

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Back in 2015, we were contacted through our website and asked to provide an estimate for painting 6 raw material storage silos in central Wisconsin. Just to make sure we understood the full scope of the work, and that our potential client had a clear perspective as well, we asked for pictures and rough dimensions before we made the trip. One of our experienced estimators was able to analyze the photos and data to draw up a ballpark estimate without seeing the project in person.

This is a standard process for us, and one that works well for everyone involved! Our clients appreciate the transparency, protecting their time and resources as well as our own.

In this case, we followed up with our client and discovered that the project was on hold due to other pressing needs. This happens all the time in our industry, so we simply kept in touch with them over the next few years.

Then, this past May, we received the green light to run with this rust control project.

Industrial Silo Coatings - Providing Protection and a 5-Year Warranty!

As we stepped into planning mode, devising the safest and most efficient/effective way to carry out the work, our client decided to go with a coating system that offers a 5-year warranty. We offer multiple warranties for this type of work, up to 10 years, and are happy to provide whichever option works best for you.

Our Silo Coating Process

With the plan and system in place, it was time to get the project rolling:

  • Since creating a receptive surface is essential, we began with a thorough cleaning. We power washed the tanks with a 6,000 PSI wash, removing loose coatings, dirt, grease, and any other contaminants.
  • We then used a power tool to remove any pack rust by hand.
  • We primed the the tanks with a high-solids, two-part, 475 epoxy primer.
  • Next, we applied a full topcoat with high-performance urethane 68R in a gloss white.

To reduce the risk of overspray, all the products we used were dryfall, meaning that they would instantly dry 10-20’ from the applicator.

Even more than the technical information, the transformation above speaks for itself! And, with the 5-year warranty providing complete coverage and protection against any risk of failure, this is a system that offers peace of mind as much as performance.

If you have questions about your own industrial painting project, we invite you to contact our team! It would be a pleasure to serve you.

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